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The idea starts with an underwater camera that will not flood and can withstand deep oceanic pressures.

The problem: The recreational underwater cameras of today use housings, which are basically plastic containers that protect the camera from water. These housings have to be opened to access the camera and just one grain of sand in the housing o-ring can cause the seal to fail, flooding the camera. Additionally, air in the housing makes them susceptible to the pressure at great ocean depths, causing them to crush.

Even commercial models with titanium housings are limited in the depth they can reach. They run the same risks of flooding and crushing, and they are extremely expensive to replace.

The solution: Move out of the housing! This new, patent pending technology moves us into uncharted territory and takes us into unfathomed depths. No housing = no flooding, no depth limits.

How is this possible? By replacing the air in a standard digital camera with a non-conductive, non-corrosive fluid we remove all barriers to depth limits. Lack of air space in the model protects the camera from ocean pressures, making it possible to photograph even the deepest ocean bottom. Without a housing there would be no need for the user to remove anything to access the camera, therefore the model can be permanently sealed to protect from water damage.

The same technology applied to this camera can be applied to any electronic equipment, including but not limited to video cameras, PDAs, laptops and MP3 players.


Ocean Presence OPT 6 ModelOcean oil drilling: Permanent-placed live video stream surveillance under water, would give oil companies the ability to monitor pipelines and drills from ashore, cutting down the risk of losing, and more effectively allocating valuable resources and divers.

Deep sea research: Scientists can thoroughly research parts of our ocean never before explored, discovering new life and new territory, monitor fish population and reef growth easily over time. Researchers would gain long term exposure where before were only snapshots and brief glimpses; and additionally, being able to enter field data IN the field on underwater PDA and laptops as observations occur.

Homeland Security: Permanent monitoring stations in our underwater borders and port entries would aid in the further protection of our country from external threats.

Recreational: Divers can enjoy photographing and documenting their dives with ease and resorts could monitor current underwater conditions to promote their establishments and ensure their visitors always have an enjoyable experience underwater.

And Beyond: This technology can lead the way into further innovations not yet imagined. Not to mention our over-sized drawing board covered with other exciting projects.

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