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About Proteus Blue Technologies Corporation

Proteus Blue Technologies was created to provide a means of exploring and understanding our oceans. From the surface waters to the deep abyssal planes, there is much to learn about our Earth's oceans. Our technogies bring us deeper than ever before for long exposure exploration. This is one team that is bringing the oceans vast mysteries to light.

David VondracekDavid Vondracek – President/CEO
David has been involved in various operational aspects of the computer industry for over 20 years and holds a BS Degree in Virtual Reality Programming. Learning to program computers at age nine, David showed tremendous aptitude in the growing industry. David became involved in the Internet in 1992 and supported the first graphical Internet browser as it was released in 1993. Running one of the first web servers in the country, David maintained an interest in Internet development and contributed to studies in distributed work environments and voice and video conferencing.
David’s work experience takes on a variety of forms as a programmer, systems designer, analyst, and administrator. From start-ups and family run businesses to Fortune 100 companies such as GM, Raytheon, and FedEx, he has seen all levels of business organization. His experience in troubleshooting computer and Internet problems has given insight to examine business organization and procedure enhancing productivity and efficiency.
Highlights of his career to date are being in charge of operations for a large local ISP, working with the USAF F-15 Flight Simulator Program, and being responsible for an average 15 million dollars worth of nightly invoicing and reporting on the Vice-Presidential level for FedEx.

Louise FlodinLouise Flodin - Investor Relations
Louise is an Associate Real Estate Broker with Windermere in Sun City West Arizona.  She also does Estate/Moving Sales (Golden Butterfly Estate Sales) taking the stress of dealing with the selling of unwanted furniture, antiques and all those dusty items sitting around in your closet and garage.
She was the CEO of Business Furniture and Design a 65,000 square foot design, manufacturing and show room facility in San Francisco California. Business Furniture and Design contracted with the City and County of San Francisco for office furniture. The largest client of Business Furniture and Design was Longs Drugs across 5 states.
Louise is working with Proteus Blue to raise capital. She is available to the Investors to answer questions and assist with bringing in new investors.
In her own words: “Of all the projects I have been involved with Proteus Blue is the most intriguing. I am 100% behind the technology and heart of this company. David continually surprises me with his innovations. I am pleased to join the team to bring this project to revenue for the Investors!”

Suzanne Kiffmann Suzanne Kiffmann - Advisor
As President of SeaSigns, Inc., Suzanne has developed a complete system of communication underwater for SCUBA divers based on American Sign Language. Her unique teaching system reports huge increases in retention and usability by students and is approved by seven major scuba certifying agencies. Suzanne has logged over 1000 dives and has dove on such exotic locations as Cozumel, Bonaire, Bahamas, Caymans, Australia, Fiji and the Red Sea for both recreation and research. She is a member of the Marine Technology Society (MTS) in San Diego and the Dive Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA).


Harvey SchmeidekeHarvey Schmeideke - Advisor
Harvey is co-founder and President of Survival Strategies, Inc., the nation's largest provider of healthcare practice management consulting to private practice therapists. His company services CPA's and general businesses with marketing and management training and consulting, with 4,000 clients nationwide over its 20-year history. Harvey is a frequently sought after writer and author by professional associations and national publications and is currently completing his next book on management. In 2005, he founded the Sunken Treasures Society of Los Angeles, a non-profit corporation, with the purpose of improving the local environment and underwater tourism through a statewide system of cultured reefs.

Edwin HergertSenior Chief Machinists Mate Edwin J. Hergert
(USN Retired) – Advisor
Edwin retired from the United States Navy in 1989 after 22 years in the service. Originally assigned duty on the USS Gato qualifying as a Navy Diver, Edwin was eventually stationed on the submarine USS Snook, USS Omaha and later the USS Haddo. He was certified as the 18th Enlisted Hydronaut and the first working enlisted pilot in the Navy Deep Sea Research/Rescue Vehicle (DSRV) program serving on both DSRV1 Mystic and DSRV2 Avalon. Edwin’s experience in DSRV operation was utilized for the movies “Gray Lady Down” and “Raise the Titanic”.



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