Proteus Blue Corporation

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Ocean Presence
Ocean Presence Technologies (OPT) offers a family of continuous underwater video monitoring systems that can be controlled over the Internet. Developed for manta ray research for The Manta Network, the camera systems are now being offered for a wide range of other applications.

Ships to Reefs
Ships to Reefs is a movement in support of the sinking of retired naval vessels for the creation of man-made reefs.

Southwest Research Institute
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an independent, nonprofit applied research and development organization. The staff of more than 3,300 specializes in the creation and transfer of technology in engineering and the physical sciences. The Institute occupies more than 1,200 acres in San Antonio, Texas, and provides nearly 2 million square feet of laboratories, test facilities, workshops and offices.

Suzanne Kiffmann founded SeaSigns, Inc. to provide SCUBA divers of all skill levels with an inexpensive, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use way to communicate under water which increases underwater fun and safety.



Proteus Blue joins forces with Ocean Presence and beats the competition by 4,500 feet!

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