Proteus Blue Technologies

5,000 feet under the ocean!

Pressure testing occurred Friday, 12 September at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in San Antonio, Texas. Using an Ocean Presence OPT-02 Aquarium Camera, a model that is only certified to a maximum depth of 60 feet, we were able to prove our technology works by successfully taking this model to 5,000 feet in depth. Read more...

Welcome to Proteus Blue Technologies Corporation

Proteus Blue Technologies exists to provide a means of exploring and understanding our vast, mysterious underwater world. By creating innovative technologies and enhancing existing technologies we seek to provide effective solutions that will extend mankind's reach into the unknown.

A golden age of ocean exploration dawns as our technology is now proven to extend the range of normal, everyday electronics to fantastic depths — putting this technology within the reach of oceanographic research budgets. Who knows what new mysteries will come to view as we explore more and more of our undersea world. See our current technologies and applications.



Proteus Blue joins forces with Ocean Presence and beats the competition by 4,500 feet!

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